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General Introduction:
MK-Di01-U ,used for static truck scales, supporting 1~12 pcs O protocol digital load cells


1、power:AC switch power 110V~220V/AC;
no DC;
2、LC interface:communication way:RS485;
baud rate:19200bps;
transmit distance:less than 50m;
3、scoreboard interface:RS 232, current loop;rated baud rate is 600bps;
4、printing interface:ESPON LQ-300K+Ⅱ、KX-P1131、POS- 58...etc are optional;
5、 PC communication interface way:RS232,baud rate 600~19200bps optional;

protocol characters:
- Open protocol
- 8 bit data format,suitable for PC programming。
- Baud rate is optional,O type max to 57600。
- With function of checking LC overload record, full capacity, models...etc.
- Scalability, easy to add more function.
- Presetting all kinds of functions, like Gravity compensation and temperature compensation.
- Portability, easy to transplant to other platforms, such as CAN.

Character 1

1.Open protocol;
2.Support U type digital LC;
3. High performance 485 communication chip;
4. LC interface have surge protection measures;
6. support auto-networking, scale group.

Character 2

7.Support scale setting abnormal detecting
8.Auto-storage 1000 sets weighing record, no need cancel records.
9.Support PC communication interface self-detecting;
10. support RS232 and RS485 PC interface, set by software.
11.Support key diagnostic;
12.Support address checking during press angles.

Basic function 1

- Calibration and parameter setting operated separately;
- Score board interface;
- serial communication interface;
- standard parallel print interface, customizable print format;
- Comprehensive configuration EMC electromagnetic
compatibility protection measures;
- No encryption function between LC & indica-tor communication.
- No battery;
Basic function 2

- Auto & manual adjusting of angles.
- Overload record storage and printing function.
- Digital LC code self-detecting function.
- Fast detection of digital LC condition
- Two segment values, two ranges optional
- Nonlinear correction function;
- Weighing record storage/cancel/power off protection
- Storage 500 sets truck tare weight, 1000 sets weighing records.


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