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MKCells was founded in 1996 with just one mission in mind and that is to design and produce the finest High Tech Load Cells in the world. MK Cells manufactures a complete line of standard load cells, weighing indicators, custom load cells. MKCelIs has the solutions for all your force measurement applications that offer unbeatable accuracy as well as the most competitive prices, All of MKCeIIs design and manufacturing facilities are centrally located under one roof giving us complete control of the manufacturing process and allowing us to use the very finest strain gauges available today as well as high quality aerospace aluminum, forged alloy steel and forged stainless steel and of course all products are temperature compensated to work in the harshest of environments. MKCeIIs takes pride in the high degree of skill that its expertly trained workforce of Mechanical & Electrical Engineers exhibit and who have perfected the art of Scale Manufacturing, we understand the challenges that face today's weighing professionals in the field so much that even our Sales force has been trained and educated by one of the leading load cell designers in the world today. Now MKCeIIs load cell can be find at many country such as Europe, South American, South Africa, and Asia.
Our Products Specification
  • High precision, High Stability, High Reliability
  • High quality stainless steel material
  • Laser welding
  • Laser printing
  • Laser welded lead inspection
  • IP68 Seal Grade
  • Acid, Alkalis & Salt mist test approval
  • Excellent capability in anti-erosion, moisture-proof, waterproof
  • Automatic zero temperature compensation
  • Automatic high-accuracy force testing
  • Sample Inspection passed by National Quality Supervising and Inspection Center for Load Cell
  • Compression and tension design optional
  • Good outline, good durability
  • OIML R60 Approval
  • Entitled with practical and new pattern patent by national Intellectual bureau and pattern Bureau
  • Widely suitable in chemical, food areas and erosion environments for weighing and measuring

Address :
Plaza Vegas, 3305 Vest Spring Mountain Rd, #48,
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102, USA
E-mail : sales@mkcell.com

Distributor in Asia :
Address :
Taman Palem Lestari, Ruko Galaxy,
Block.K/79, Jakarta Barat,11730.
Website : www.interscales.com

Address :
R.606, Block B, Indochina Park Tower, 04 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 1,
Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.
tel./fax. (084)(8) 22 20 29 59 / 8.22 20 29 60
E-mail: sachitd@hotmail.com
Website : www.dongminhphat.com

Distributor in Europe :
Przedstawiciel handlowy
Zólkiewskiego 3A IV pietro
63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski
tel./fax. (062) 592 42 78
gadu: 16240003